Bottle Cap 2D Barcode

The chances are that if you have a beer, juice, water, milk, or soft drink that the bottle cap was made by Closure Systems International (CSI). Now CSI has announced the test marketing of ScanCap™ which uses ScanLife Micro EZcodes applied inside or outside cap (image below). It’s an interesting idea and I can see why they chose EZcode over a QR Code because of the very small print area. However getting people to scan a bottle cap is not going to be easy and because EZcode requires a proprietary scanner I suspect CSI is going to be very disappointed with the results of their test marketing. Perhaps the instructions for downloading the scanner could be printed on the bottle label 🙂

Bottle cap with a 2d barcode

One thought on “Bottle Cap 2D Barcode”

  1. Ah great. Yet another proprietary code format that requires one specific Reader.

    That’s what the world needed.

    “Standards,” please take one Giant Step backwards.

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