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The Three Rules of QR Codes

Posted By Roger On September 14, 2009 @ 3:06 pm In Comment | 33 Comments

The three rules of QR Codes are not rocket science and are pretty much self evident. However this has not stopped some advertising agencies breaking the rules and handing their clients a poorly performing or dysfunctional campaign. This post is an extension of three previous posts in which using a [1] mobile device friendly landing page, [2] QR Code size and [3] content were discussed. If you see any additional examples, good or bad, please share them in a comment below.

1st Rule: Mobilize the landing page


Jacobhs Creek poster with QR Code

Breaking the rule: Antony McGregor Dey, CEO Qmcodes, spotted this poster for Jacobs Creek wine and the opportunity to win tickets to the Australian open. The QR Code resolved to the non-mobilized company website with a linked banner proclaiming “Mobile phone users click here for the Australian open promotion”. That link too went to a non-mobilized page! (The link and offending page has now been removed).

Fendi mobile site

Keeping the rule: In recent newspaper advertisements Fendi have also chosen to use a QR Code that decodes to their main site url [4] http://www.fendi.com. However if you are accessing the site with a mobile device they are using user agent detection to redirect to their mobile website [5] http://mobile.fendi.com/. The Fendi mobile site is quite comprehensive and gives a choice of languages, Italian or English.

Original post: [6] Italian Fashion House Discovers QR Codes


2nd Rule: Keep the url short


Ralph Lauren advertisement with QR Code
Breaking the rule: The QR Code in this advertisement for Ralph Lauren in New York magazine decodes as [7] http://m.ralphlauren.com/default.aspx?ab=nym, an unnecessarily long url. The QR Code could have been smaller and encoded with a higher level of error correction (ECL) if a url shortener had been used, such as [8] http://3.ly/9Xe.

Original post: [9] Ralph Lauren QR Codes

Dicks Sporting Goods mobile site

Keeping the rule: When Dicks Sporting Goods launched their new m-commerce site with a giant QR Code at a ball game, they did not use a subdomain of their [10] existing site. They chose instead to use a new domain and a much shorter url [11] http://dsports.mobi/ which encoded as a smaller QR Code.

Original post: [12] QR Code on the World’s Largest HDTV

3rd Rule: Make the content valuable


Siemens newspaper advertisement with a QR Code

Breaking the rule: Siemans latest newspaper advertisements have a QR Code that resolves to a url well and truly breaking the 2nd Rule [13] http://m.siemens.com/en/answers/climate_change_energy_supply.htm. It gets worse, the reward for reaching the “Climate change and energy supply” section of Siemens global mobile website is a series of short paragraphs on combined-cycle power plants, HVDC transmission lines and performance contracting. These are about as exciting as watching paint dry. Where is the engagement? Where is the climate change and energy supply game/quiz with prizes, for example? If someone has gone to the trouble of decoding your QR Code the last thing they want to see is bland content, instead give then something valuable.

Original post: [14] Siemens QR Code Advertisement

Suntory beer can with QR Code

Keeping the rule: The good things about this Suntory QR Code are firstly it’s on a beer can :), secondly the QR Code resolves to a mobile site where visitors can offset 100g of CO2 once per day and feel good about it and thirdly there is a daily lottery with the chance of winning cash prizes. In other words, valuable content that engages the visitor and makes the decoding of the QR Code worthwhile.

Original post: [15] Beer, Carbon Offset and a QR Code Campaign


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