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iQR is the New QR Code

Posted By Roger On February 25, 2011 @ 6:15 am In News | 19 Comments

QR Code inventor’s Denso Wave have developed a successor they have called iQR. The new 2d barcode was created at the request of the industrial market for a code with a higher data capacity, printable is a smaller space and working in a rectangular format. iQR has an 80% higher data capacity and for the equivalent data is 30% smaller. Also the new code can be used in a rectangular format for printing in narrow spaces or on cylindrical products. Denso see the primary applications in the car and aviation industries and are planning a full ISO standard specification. Like the QR Code they also plan to make the specification available and in the public domain for use by anyone free of charge, subject to Trademark (77576894). At the moment there are only two industrial Denso readers that can decipher iQR and they are used in the Japanese market. I doubt very much that iQR will ever be used for marketing purposes but it is interesting to know that Denso has not been standing still.

Denso Wave's new QR Code
iQR in rectangular format

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